November 17-18, 2018

Season FIVE!

Local is the New Black is a Christmas Bazaar that was started five years ago and has grown, and outgrown it's buildings every year!  But...we are staying put from here on out!  We fill two buildings with the Best of the Best in Baker County and each year proves that we can and will keep providing Baker City with amazing products to purchase.

Located at the Baker County Fairgrounds in the Event Center and the "Show Barn".

EVENT CENTER - The Baker County Fairgrounds, located at 2600 East St., is the perfect location for our Christmas Show.  We are able to provide everyone with ONE 8' Table and TWO Chairs.  Most vendors in the Event Center will have peg board behind them and access to electricity.  The Event Center has a concrete floor and great lighting.  This building fills very fast and if you are interested in being in this building, return your application and vendor fee as soon as possible.  I strongly suggest contacting Kristy Backlund (541-519-7999) to ensure that there is space available and that your product will be accepted into the show before mailing.

"SHOW BARN" - This building is located next to the Event Center.  A high ceiling and dirt/sand floor make this building ideal for decorating with large festive Christmas ornaments and lights!  We encourage everyone to decorate pop-up tents, gazebos, or other framework around their booths for a Festive Christmas Shopping Experience.  The lighting in this building isn't as bright as in the Event Center, however everyone has access to electricity and is encouraged to bring extra lighting for their area.  Old rugs and carpet help keep the dust down and they can help with the look of your booth.

General Information-

We have 80 booth spaces available this year!

There is a commercial kitchen in each building available for use.  Food vendors are responsible for contacting the Health Department for all additional forms and fees involved with preparing and selling food.

Because this show fills up quickly, please get your vendor applications in early.  Spaces are not secured until payment is made. 

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